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Video: Gunshots Fired Outside Salman Khan Mumbai Home


In the early hours of the morning, the peace at Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai was shattered by the sound of gunshots. The incident, which occurred at 5 am, has sparked concerns over the safety of the actor and raised questions about the efficacy of law enforcement in the region.

Gunshots Fired: The Incident:

Unidentified assailants on motorcycles fired five rounds outside Salman Khan’s home in Bandra before swiftly fleeing the scene. The suddenness and audacity of the attack have left the local community in shock and prompted immediate action from law enforcement agencies.


Police Investigation:

Both the local police and the crime branch have initiated a thorough investigation into the incident. Their primary focus is on identifying the perpetrators and unraveling the motive behind the attack. The urgency of the situation demands swift and decisive action to ensure justice is served.

Forensic Examination:

A team of forensic science experts has been dispatched to the site of the shooting to gather crucial evidence. Their meticulous examination of the scene will provide invaluable insights into the nature of the attack and aid in the apprehension of the culprits.

Bullet Impact:

Initial reports indicate that one of the bullets fired during the incident struck the first floor of the building where Salman Khan resides. The precise location of the impact underscores the gravity of the situation and highlights the potential danger faced by the actor and his family.

Background: Threat to Salman Khan:

This brazen attack comes in the wake of ongoing threats to Salman Khan’s life. Last year, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) revealed that the actor was among the top targets on a list compiled by incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi.

Black Buck Hunting Incident:

The animosity towards Salman Khan stems from his involvement in the infamous 1998 black buck hunting incident, which led to his conviction. The incident, deemed offensive by the Bishnoi community, has fueled long-standing tensions between the actor and criminal elements.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s Plan:

Lawrence Bishnoi, the mastermind behind the plot to eliminate Salman Khan, orchestrated the surveillance of the actor’s residence by his henchman, Sampat Nehra. The chilling revelation sheds light on the meticulous planning that preceded the recent attack.

Surveillance by Sampat Nehra:

Sampat Nehra’s role in monitoring Salman Khan’s movements provided crucial intel for the planned assault. However, Nehra’s capture by the Special Task Force thwarted Bishnoi’s sinister designs and potentially averted a tragedy.

Capture of Nehra:

The apprehension of Sampat Nehra dealt a significant blow to Lawrence Bishnoi’s criminal network. Nehra’s interrogation yielded valuable information, shedding light on the extent of the threat posed to Salman Khan and prompting heightened security measures.

Political Response:

Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Anand Dubey has condemned the attack on Salman Khan’s residence, criticizing the government’s failure to maintain law and order. Dubey’s scathing remarks underscore the growing concerns over the safety of residents in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Criticism of Government:

Dubey’s pointed critique of the government’s lax approach towards tackling crime highlights the need for urgent action. The recent spate of violent incidents has eroded public confidence in the authorities and necessitates a comprehensive review of existing security protocols.

Call for Action:

In light of the escalating threats and brazen acts of violence, there is an urgent need for the Home Minister and Chief Minister to intervene. Their proactive stance is essential in restoring public faith in the government’s ability to uphold law and order and ensure the safety of all citizens.

Ensuring Public Safety:

The safety and security of residents must be prioritized above all else. Enhanced security measures, including increased police presence and surveillance, are imperative to deter future attacks and safeguard the well-being of individuals like Salman Khan, who face persistent threats.


The recent shooting outside Salman Khan’s residence serves as a stark reminder of the lurking dangers faced by public figures in India’s entertainment industry. It underscores the urgent need for robust security measures and proactive law enforcement to thwart potential threats and ensure the safety of all citizens.

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