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The Antisocial Network Netflix Release Date: Netflix’s new documentary

The Antisocial Network Netflix Release Date : Netflix’s new documentary, The Antisocial Network, talks about the disasters caused by memes as the world is drawn to the internet. Find out The Antisocial Network Netflix release date below.

Netflix has created a new documentary, The Antisocial Network, whose release is set to spark some shocking conversations about the internet. The trailer talks about memes that are taking over the world and people subconsciously indulging in them a little more every day.

The documentary will focus on a specific website that gave birth to meme culture and inadvertently misled people about sensitive topics that shouldn’t be laughed at. The film will discuss Donald Trump and the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

The Antisocial Network Netflix Release Date

As per the reports, QAnon is a political movement and conspiracy theory frequently linked to the extreme right of the American political spectrum. It began establishing a community on the 4chan message board, where users could engage in discussions on a wide range of topics and post memes and pictures pertaining to politics and pop culture.

Someone going by the handle Q Clearance Patriot would start posting on this forum, claiming that Satanists and child traffickers were attempting to dissuade Donald Trump from looking into the hidden elites who control the world.

Speaking of the consequences, the documentary will divide the internet based on politics and ideologies, giving rise to new conspiracy theories and piling on the ones that already exist. The Netflix documentary will be released on April 5.

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