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Section 144 imposed in Leh to stop Sonam Wangchuk’s march to border regions of India and China


In response to a planned march towards the China border by residents of Ladakh, the Union Territory’s administration has invoked Section 144 of the CrPC in Leh. This legal provision bans gatherings of four or more individuals in an effort to maintain public peace and order. The march, scheduled for April 7, was advocated by climate activist Sonam Wangchuk as a demonstration against the alleged encroachment on grazing lands by both Indian corporates and Chinese forces.

Wangchuk, who previously engaged in a 21-day hunger strike to draw attention to these issues, aims to highlight the loss of traditional grazing areas to Ladakhis due to encroachments. He stated that 10,000 Ladakhis were expected to participate in the march to physically assess the extent of land lost along the India-China border.

To further ensure peace, the Leh District Magistrate has stipulated that any form of procession, rally, or march will require prior written approval. The use of loudspeakers and the making of statements that could disrupt communal harmony or public tranquility are also restricted.


Additionally, as part of security measures, the police have ordered a temporary reduction in internet speeds to 2G for 24 hours, starting from 6 pm on Saturday before the march. This decision aims to prevent the potential misuse of mobile data services by individuals seeking to incite unrest through social media.

These actions underscore the administration’s concern over maintaining public order and the safety of its citizens in the face of planned demonstrations, especially under the current model code of conduct in Ladakh.

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