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Kerala invites Bengaluru MNCs to shift there amid water crisis

The water scarcity issue in Bengaluru has prompted neighboring states to seize the opportunity to attract IT companies and their investments.

Kerala’s Industries and Law Minister, P Rajevee, has taken a proactive step by inviting several multinational companies based in Bengaluru to consider relocating to Kerala. Citing a report from The Economic Times, Rajevee highlighted Kerala’s abundant water resources and its status as a prime location for substantial investments.

In a discussion with the publication, Rajevee emphasized Kerala’s readiness to offer essential facilities to IT firms, leveraging the state’s well-established water connectivity and rich natural resources.

He expressed his vision to transform Kerala into India’s new Silicon Valley, citing ongoing negotiations with various companies interested in investing in the state. Rajevee’s strategy involves showcasing Kerala as an attractive alternative IT hub, especially as Bengaluru contends with several infrastructural challenges.

The Kerala government is also in the process of developing four new IT corridors along NH66 to support this ambition.

This initiative by Kerala echoes a similar approach taken by Telangana a few years ago when Bengaluru faced scrutiny over its deteriorating infrastructure.

At the time, KTR, then a minister in Telangana, extended an invitation to startups to relocate to Hyderabad, promising superior physical and social infrastructure, a top-tier airport, and an administration focused on innovation, infrastructure, and inclusive growth.

This strategic positioning by neighboring states reflects a broader competition to attract IT investments by offering better living and working conditions.

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