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Jodhpur: Private Hospital Refers Woman to AIIMS After Declaring Her Dead

During an operation, a woman’s condition deteriorated, prompting doctors at a private hospital to refer her to AIIMS. However, upon reaching there within 20 minutes, her husband was informed that she had passed away two hours prior. The husband alleges that doctors kept his deceased wife in the operation theater for two hours under the guise of treatment. Consequently, he summoned relatives and villagers to protest outside the hospital, demanding action against the accused doctors. The incident occurred in the Banad Police Station area of Jodhpur.

Doctor’s Account: Condition Deteriorated, AIIMS Recommended

According to Mahendra Devasi, a resident of Buchkala in Pipad city, he brought his wife, Bhagwati Devasi (25), to Khangata Hospital in Banad on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. She had undergone a uterine operation at the same hospital a month ago but was called back due to complications. Mahendra alleges that doctors at Khangata Hospital initiated the operation at 5 a.m., despite Bhagwati having had her meal. Two hours later, around 7 p.m., doctors suddenly referred her to AIIMS due to her deteriorating condition.

AIIMS’ Revelation: Death Occurred Two Hours Prior

Mahendra stated that the distance between Khangata Hospital and AIIMS is approximately 9 km. Upon arrival within 20 minutes, doctors informed him that Bhagwati had passed away two hours earlier. Her body was then placed in the mortuary. On Sunday morning, relatives and villagers from Pipad reached Jodhpur, staging a protest outside Khangata Hospital and demanding action against the accused doctors. The Banad police are present to mediate the situation.

Operation Gone Awry: Private Hospital Refers Woman to AIIMS After Declaring Her Dead
Jodhpur: Private Hospital Refers Woman to AIIMS After Declaring Her Dead

Two Hours in OT, Then Referral

Mahendra revealed that at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Dr. Swati Kulhar had taken his wife to the operation theater. Just 20 minutes later, her condition worsened, but the hospital staff remained unresponsive to his inquiries. Upon attempting to enter the OT, he was called in, where Dr. Manish Khangata and Dr. Swati Kulhar were allegedly rubbing his wife’s legs and arms vigorously. Bhagwati’s pulse was significantly low. She remained in the OT for nearly half an hour before being transferred to AIIMS.

Doctors Accompany to AIIMS

Mahendra recounted how his wife was transferred from Khangata Hospital to AIIMS. Dr. Manish Khangata from Khangata Hospital accompanied them in the ambulance. Upon reaching the AIIMS emergency ward, doctors declared Bhagwati deceased.

The family is seeking justice for Bhagwati’s untimely demise, urging authorities to take swift action against the alleged negligence by the doctors at Khangata Hospital.

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